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Whole Body Cryotherapy

The Cryosauna is a single-person device which envelopes a patient’s body while keeping the head and neck area exposed to room air above the device.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is the body’s exposure to extreme cold, triggering a systemic anti-inflammatory response. This modality was first utilized in Japan to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Studies conducted in Europe over the last two decades have established WBC as a powerful treatment for inflammatory disorders and injuries. The treatments have been used to accelerate the production of collagen, to improve skin elasticity and texture, to reverse skin aging, and to reduce the appearance of cellulite. WBC boosts the body’s metabolic rate, which accelerates weight loss outcomes. Professional athletes have discovered WBC as a powerful treatment to decrease recovery time and increase athletic performance.

The Cryosauna experience involves lowering the body’s surface skin temperature from approximately 90.5°F to around 32°F for about 2-3 minutes. This dynamic cooling is achieved by way of Nitrogen mist which gently surrounds the body at -238°F to -274°F. During this process, thermo-receptors in the skin send signals to the brain to release endorphins and beneficial biochemicals. The blood also becomes optimally oxygenated which accelerates the beneficial results. The vessels and capillaries in the skin undergo a period of severe vasoconstriction followed by severe vasodilation. This causes toxins in the body to be broken down and carried away through these vessels.

When the immune system is activated in this fashion, the body is affected positively. The result are an energy boost lasting up to eight hours, and skin rejuvenation due to the production of collagen. Elite athletes realize increased performance and endurance due to faster recovery and healing. Inflammatory, medical and skin conditions have reportedly been significantly alleviated or eliminated through this process. Cryotherapy increases metabolic rate as the body counters the cold by burning calories to create heat. The estimate of caloric burn is between 400 to 800 calories over the next twenty-four hours.

Dresscode for the cryosauna:

(Robes, Socks, Shoes and Gloves are all provided) Cryo-Blond

  • Robe (removed during treatment)
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Underwear (bottoms) – Men

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