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Cryotherapy for Weight Management

fit3The physics behind using Cryotherapy for weight management are brilliant. Its created on the basics of Newtons Law of removing your body’s natural heat by cooling it. The natural skin temperature of the body is 90.5°F, but cooling it down to 30°-32°F through the use of nitrogen there is a subsequent rebound effect of your bodies thermostat to raise the skin temperature back to 90.5°. During the rebound effect your body is trying to compensate by raising your skin temperature to 95°F, for a minute or so, which tightens the skin but also boosts your metabolism and uses a large amount of energy. This entire process is the reason why the caloric expenditure happens.

Most people think that by sweating your are burning a large amount of calories, when in fact research has shown us that the human body is working a lot harder and expanding far more calories when put to work in the cold environment, this is due to the process of the body working to stay warm. During this process it has been shown that some patients have burned up to 800 calories.