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Have you ever wondered how some athletes seem to recover faster than others?

Well then wonder no more because the NormaTec recovery system is a popular system used by athletes all across the world to manage their recovery time. The NormaTec system basically keeps fluid going in the right direction by pulsing instead of squeezing and releasing. It doesn’t require the use of hot or cold treatments as it uses air to circulate throughout the attachment. The NormaTec can last up to thirty minutes per session or less depending on the clients’ needs. These boots, that can also be found in hip and arm attachments, help those with chronic circulation issues and athletes that want faster recovery time after a big game, workout or rehab injuries.

What can you expect at your first session using the NormaTec recovery system? You can choose between the three different attachments offered at GoPolar Cryotherapy. You can choose between the leg, arm and hip attachments. The NormaTec leg is an attachment that covers the entire leg. The NormaTec hip attachment covers the glutes, obliques, hamstrings, quads, lower back, abductors and adductors. Finally, the NormaTec arm is an attachment that covers the entire arm and shoulder area. Once we’ve selected the appropriate attachment towards your specific needs, we will have you remove your shoes, empty your pockets, put on the selected attachment, seat you in NormaTec zero gravity chair and flip the chair back so that you are lying down in a comfortable position. The NormaTec attachments start at a “pre-inflate cycle,” where the attachment molds to the shape of your limbs. This takes only about 90 seconds and then the compression will begin. The compression has a similar effect to that of a massage and it will continue pulsing all the way up to the limb and then repeat the same pattern. There are different levels of pressure associated with the NormaTec system. These levels begin with low pressure which range from levels 1-3; this level is good for promoting blood flow and for beginner treatments. Then theres medium-high pressure which includes levels 4-7; these levels help increase circulation, decrease muscle soreness and speed up the recovery process. Once the desired level is chosen, you will be inside the attachment for twenty to thirty minutes in order to better optimize the recovery system.

After using the NormaTec system you can continue doing your daily activities as you normally would. Your limbs will feel like they’ve been through a relaxing deep tissue massage that you wish would never end. The NormaTec includes many benefits as well, not just an increase in recovery time. It can reduce inflammation, reduce swelling and pain, enhance flexibility, enhance and improve circulation and also, help flush out lactic acid. If this system seems ideal to your lifestyle then please contact GoPolar Cryotherapy Westmont at (630) 796-2255 or GoPolar Cryotherapy Lemont at (630) 410-8727, to schedule your appointment today for the NormaTec recovery system. 

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