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After booking an appointment for my first float experience, I was excited, but nervous at the
same time. I did not know how I would react to being in complete darkness and without sound
for over an hour. However, the experience went so much better than I expected! After arriving,
the technician brought me into the float room and gave me a simple explanation of the process.
For those that are nervous and might not be paying attention, instructions are also posted inside
the room. After I undressed and put in my earplugs, I took a quick shower and prepared myself
for the next hour and a half. Stepping into the float tank was a little bit intimidating, but after I sat
down and closed the door, I was very surprised to see how calm I actually felt. When I laid
down, I immediately felt more relaxed and felt my stress go away. I moved around for the first
few minutes to decide which arm position was the most comfortable for me. Personally, I felt the
most relaxed with my arms above my head and felt like I moved less in the water this way too. I
was shocked that I did not feel claustrophobic in the tank and I had enough room to move my
arms and legs comfortably. After getting used to the darkness and the water, I was able to
meditate deeply. Even though the inside of the tank is pitch black, I noticed the tank somehow
got darker to me the longer I stayed in. I also started to see different colors such as violets and
occasionally some white or yellow colors. Eventually, I did not know whether my eyes were
opened or closed. The entire time in the float tank, I felt very relaxed and this relaxed state
continued when I got out of the float tank. The time in the tank seemed to fly by and before I
knew it the technician signaled the end of the session. To signal the end of the session, the
technician knocked on the tank and a blue light was turned on. I was afraid that the sound and
light would scare me after not being used to sounds or lights, but I did not feel this way. Instead,
it felt like a gentle wake up call. After I got out of the tank, I felt very calm and felt like my mood
was instantly better. I showered again and noticed how soft my skin and hair felt after laying in
epsom salt for an hour and a half. I continued to get ready for the rest of my day and used the
facility’s vanity room which contained beauty products for clients to use. After getting myself
ready, I decided to go into the Normatec compression leg boots to get used to outside stimuli
again. In the Normatec, I felt like I was getting a tighter squeeze around my legs. This sensation
felt different than other times using the Normatec system because I was used to my legs feeling
weightless in the float tank. After I left GoPolar, I continued to feel relaxed and calm all day and
had a great night of sleep afterwards. Overall, I highly recommend trying out a float session,
especially in today’s society with devices always being in front of our eyes and as a way to fully
relax or recover the body. I definitely cannot wait to float again!
Patrycja Junkiert