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The Wonderful World of Cryofacials      Book Now

Many of us battle daily with wrinkles and skin discoloration. Sometimes we go to extreme measures in order to achieve almost perfect skin. Some of us would rather achieve beautiful skin without having to use harsh treatments that could potentially ruin our skin even further. What if there was a way to achieve beautiful skin without having to abuse it? Let us introduce you to the world of Cryofacials.

Cryofacials are a cryogenic treatment that use vaporized liquid nitrogen in order to lower the surface temperature of your face, neck and scalp. There are many benefits to getting a Cryofacial, such as collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles by tightening the skin, pore size is reduced due to vasoconstriction, which occurs when the blood vessels tighten and become smaller, scalp stimulation that helps the hair grow due to the increase in blood flow and puffiness and inflammation of the skin is reduced. So what happens during a Cryofacial treatment at GoPolar Cryotherapy? Well first you will lay down comfortably on our reclined chair, we will turn on our local machine and start with a higher level of nitrogen in order to get the machine to cool down and reach the desired cold temperature. We will start at the scalp with the higher level of nitrogen and then move onto the face and neck at a lower level. We will continually alternate between these areas in order to give the client the maximum benefits from the Cryofacial. The entire process only takes about 10 minutes and clients may even wear makeup during the process.