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New Year, New You! It’s time to hit the gym and lose a few pounds! Did anyone else have the same mindset for the new year, but somehow February had already passed by them, and you have not been able to get around to the gym? Well, guess what, we have something definitely worth checking out. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or tone a certain part of your body, Cryoskin is here for you! To simplify let’s take the word Cryoskin apart, the Greek word “Krous” stands for ice, cold, or frost which we use when we target a specific part of your body or skin. The cold kills fat cells without damaging your surrounding tissues and increasing your oxygen supply and aiding in collagen production.  Increasing your oxygen supply assists in creating a slimmer and toned body for you as well as eliminating fine lines or wrinkles. To continue, collagen is one of your main structural proteins in your skin that provides strength and cushioning in between your connective tissues. We offer two types of Cryoskin treatments, so there is something meant for everyone. Cryoslimming includes the use electric cooling (the production of electricity through different levels of temperatures) to freeze fat and cause cell death of our fat tissues without damaging to our other layers of skin. The treatment lasts 28 mins where we include 2 mins of heat at 40∞C and 12 mins of cold at -8∞C and repeat the process on the opposite side of the targeted area. Cryotoning is our other treatment we have available for you which helps diminish the appearance of cellulite of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a 20-minute treatment where we focus on one area. We drop down to 2∞C where these temperatures assist with our metabolism which is the chemical process of how we burn calories and fats as well as assisting with microcirculation where this involves the circulation of our blood in the smallest blood vessels in our body. 2019 is the year that revolves around you and your health. 

Natalia Slodyczka