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Floating for a Healthy Mind & Body

60 minutes with your own thoughts, floating in the complete silence & darkness sounds like a nightmare; before you try it.


After stripping down into your birthday suit & a quick shower to wash off the day, it`s time to step into the tank. 

At first, you lay back trying to clear your mind, & not panic yourself by thinking about what might happen if your earplugs fall out (nothing will happen) & thinking about the possibility of “drowning” if you fall asleep (the salt in the tanks keeps you afloat and it is impossible to turn over while sleeping)

Before you know it you can’t tell if you’re awake or asleep, still on earth or in another galaxy, or even still in water. The water temperature is at a skin-responsive 93.5F, you can not tell where the water ends and you begin. All you can hear is your heart beat & yourself breathing; helping you focus in on your meditation & relaxation.

Once your 60 minutes is up, a blue light shines above the door, so you can safely make an exit (even though you wont want too) followed by a gentle knock on the side of your tank & although we would love for you to stay, we promise your next float session will be even better than this one. You’ll step out & immediately take a full shower. You will immediately notice how relaxed you feel & how soft your skin & hair feel (just another bonus from floating in pounds of epsom salt)

A single session of floating can improve your athletic performance, by speeding up muscle recovery by decreasing the buildup of lactic acid; also relieving blood pressure & improving circulation. Floating in a near zero gravity atmosphere with pounds of epsom salt provides relief for sore joints & over all stiffness.  This therapy also aids in reducing fatigue and assists in a better nights sleep. Floating reduces activity in the cortex which decreases the production of stress hormones and simultaneously allowing for a deep relaxation that leads to release of endorphins.

A few sessions of floating & imagine the sense of clarity & relaxation you can reach.

Olivia Evitt