How Can You Benefit From Cryotherapy? June 6, 2016

cryosauna_400You do not have to be an athlete or individual with an inflammatory illness to benefit from Cryotherapy. Many studies have shown that with your bodies natural response the release of endorphins also help with sleep, improved mood and treatment of depression.

This is one of many studies done on Cryotherapy and Depression.

Whole-body cryotherapy as adjunct treatment of depressive and anxiety disorders
Joanna Rymaszewska, David Ramsey and Sylwia Chładzińska−Kiejna
Department of Psychiatry, Wroc3aw Medical University, Wroc3aw, Poland
Received: 2007.04.27, Accepted: 2007.10.25, Published online first: 2008.02.05

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