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Cryotherapy A.K.A Cold Treatment

Back hurting? Knees achey? Feeling overall like an 100 year old man/woman? 

How about those extra few pounds that just seem to be holding on for dear life? Sound familiar? Stop wasting anymore time & get to your nearest GoPolar cryotherapy location TODAY! Standing in the whole body cryo machine, I cannot lie, is a little tough, we recommend marching in place & rubbing your arms, if that doesn’t help; sometimes holding your arms outside of the machine also helps. Its totally doable & your body will thank you for it, & your scale will too! 

Cryotherapy helps with aches, pains, increases cell rejuvenation(which helps with a quicker recovery *this is a shout out to all the athletes & super active people out there reading this right now!*) & an abundance of other benefits, including an increase in your energy, better sleep, mental clarity(also helps with depression & dementia *not to mention, it reduces your risk of developing dementia & other age related forms of cognitive decline*) A study done in 2008 found that a third of people with depression or anxiety had a 50% reduction in their symptoms with cryotherapy treatment. In 2013 researchers found that people who suffer from migraines, who had cryotherapy focused directly on their neck, had reduced pain with their migraines.

People who suffer from RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) probably feel like this is almost going to sound too good to be true, (yeah yeah standing in a whole body cryo machine for 3 minutes is NOT going to help me with the pain I’ve had for YEARS) but that’s where they’re sadly mistaken! After all, cold therapy is typically what is used to relief achy joints & pains right? Usually ice packs, a bag of peas (or whatever it is that you grab from the freezer to throw on a throbbing knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder, etc.) but those only go “skin deep”. Cryotherapy gets deep down into the muscles and tendons, which is what anyone who has inflammation, aches & pains, whether you have RA or not, that deep “icing” is what you need in order to feel TRUE RELIEF. With the pain that you’re feeling, it wouldn’t HURT * (; * to give it a try, even if it doesn’t make you feel better after the first time, I promise it wont make it any worse & by the second time (because I know you’ll be back) you’ll really be able to tell what a difference it makes.

Combined with a healthy diet & exercise, cryotherapy could really help you kick those extra couple pounds to the curb. The cold temperature of the cryotherapy treatment forces your body to work hard to keep you warm ( aka BURNING CALORIES). With repeated use it can boost your metabolism & keep you burning calories all day long. In one single 3 minute whole body cryotherapy session you can burn around 500-800 calories (they say its equivalent to a 45 minute run, but you wont be running in our machine OBVIOUSLY, but you will be shivering away those calories). 

Do yourself the favor & head over for your first whole body session! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

Olivia Evitt